Korigad Fort , Lonavala

About Korigad Fort :-

Small and flat top, easy climb makes this a comfortable 1 day trek for the trekkers from Mumbai / Pune.

A thick forestation at the base, enough potable water from the lake on the top and from the cistern situated half way and easy climb attracts many enthusiasts to this fort. Amby valley developed at the base of Koregad by the SHAHARA group is the new attraction of many. Wonderful view of the small bungalows of Amby Valley, Tung fort is a pleasent sight to watch from the top. To reach Korigad one has to reach Lonavala by rail/road. From Lonavala local transport(Jeep/Tempo) can be used to reach Shahpur village. From Shahpur summit can be reached in 11/2 hours.